Carpet Dryer & Air Mover Hire

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Powerful Carpet Dryer Hire (Doubles as Air Mover Fan!).

Facing a flood or damp issue at home or work? Kenton Events can help! Our powerful three-speed, 2700 CFM Carpet Dryer is the ideal solution for quickly removing excess moisture and preventing damage.
This versatile air mover offers several benefits:

Fast and Efficient Drying: With three speed settings, you can customize the airflow to tackle carpets, hard floors, walls, stairways, and even freshly plastered surfaces.
Lightweight and Portable: Easily maneuver the air mover around your space to target affected areas efficiently.

Doubles as Air Mover Fan: This air mover isn't just for drying! Use it on a lower setting to improve air circulation and combat moisture build-up in any space. It essentially functions as a powerful air mover fan!

More than just carpets:  This air mover is a multi-purpose tool that can help you tackle various moisture problems and promote better air circulation in any environment.

Hiring a Carpet Dryer is a smart choice because:

Cost-Effective: Hiring is often more affordable than purchasing equipment, especially for one-time needs.
Professional Results: Get the drying power you need without the hassle of buying and storing bulky equipment.
Convenient: We offer flexible hire periods and expert advice to ensure you have everything you need.
Restore your property and peace of mind quickly with Kenton Events' Carpet Dryer Hire. 

Contact us today for a free air mover quote and discuss your specific needs!
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