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Mattress Hire from Kenton Events! Comfy floor Seating for your Mehndi Party or Pre-Wedding Event!

Planning a vibrant Mehndi party or any pre-wedding celebration and want comfy seating for your guests? Kenton Events has you covered with our easy-to-hire mattresses!

Make your Mehndi party, Nikkah, Sangeet, or any pre-wedding event enjoyable for everyone with:

Plush mattresses: Guests will love relaxing on comfy mattresses after a long day of celebrations.
Colourful choices: Pick mattresses that match your party theme and create a vibrant atmosphere.
Plus, Kenton Events makes it simple:

Hassle-free hire: We deliver, set up, and take down the mattresses, leaving you free to focus on creating lasting memories.
Perfect amount of seating: Just tell us how many guests you're expecting, and we'll sort it!
Our comfy and colourful mattresses add a touch of elegance to any Mehndi party or pre-wedding ceremony.

Our comfortable mattress hire is also perfect for creating a relaxed and elegant seating area for religious ceremonies like bhajans, havans, and mandvo ceremonies.

Need comfy seating for religious gatherings like prayers, fire ceremonies, or wedding rituals? Our mattress hire is perfect!

Contact Kenton Events today to hire comfy mattresses for your Mehndi party or pre-wedding celebration - your guests will love them!

We also offer hire for other pre-wedding needs:

Floor cushions
Throws & bolsters
Backdrops & drapes

Let Kenton Events be your one-stop shop for creating a beautiful and comfortable Mehndi party or pre-wedding event!