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Kenton Events has the fan hire solution for you! From weddings to warehouses our industrial fan hire options keep your guests cool & comfortable.
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3 Fan Hire Items

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Fan Hire from Kenton Events! Beat the Heat: Keep Your Guests Cool with our selection of portable fans.

Sun got you sweating? We offer a variety of industrial and portable fans to hire for any event, so your guests stay cool and comfy no matter what.  Even gyms can benefit from our powerful fans to keep athletes cool and energized during intense workouts!

Big Space, Big Cooling Power!

Need to cool down a huge place like a warehouse or wedding tent? Our industrial cooling fans are super strong and move lots of air fast. Perfect for:

Big parties: Keep those dance floors from getting stuffy!
Sports events: Help athletes stay cool and perform their best.
Warehouses and factories: Make things more comfortable for everyone working hard.
Gyms: Keep athletes cool and energized during workouts.
Portable Fans: Ventilation on the Go!

Throwing an outdoor party or need ventilation for a smaller space? Our portable ventilation fans are lightweight and easy to move around. Choose from:

18" Pedestal Fans: These handy fans are perfect for circulating air and keeping a comfortable temperature in a good-sized area.
Budget-friendly: Keep your event cool without breaking the bank!

Find the Perfect Fan for Your Event!

Not sure which fan is right for you? No problem! Here are some things to think about:

How big is your event space? Big spaces need big fans!
Where's your event? Portable ventilation fans are great for outdoors.
How much power do you have? Industrial fans need more power than portable ones.

Browse our selection of fans for hire today and find the perfect fit for your next event! Contact Kenton Events for a free quote.