Northwood Turns 40 in Style: A Kenton Events Marquee Hire Extravaganza!
Planning a milestone birthday bash in Northwood? Want to create a show-stopping celebration for your guests and make their 40th truly unforgettable? Kenton Events' marquee hire service is the perfect solution! We recently helped a local resident celebrate their 40th birthday in style with a stunning marquee setup, transforming their sloping garden into an upscale party venue.

Marquee Hire Expertise Conquers Uneven Terrain

The sloping garden presented a unique challenge, but Kenton Events' marquee hire team is up for anything! We erected a level marquee, ensuring a comfortable and safe space for guests to celebrate. We then built custom steps to provide easy access to the marquee entrance. For added safety and a touch of elegance, we utilized rope barriers to guide guests safely up the steps.

Setting the Mood with Cutting-Edge Technology

LED technology played a starring role in creating a truly captivating atmosphere. LED bar lighting provided a vibrant glow, while the LED dance floor added an interactive element, getting everyone moving and grooving.  Club seating offered comfortable spots to relax and socialize, and LED uplighting bathed the entire marquee in a warm and inviting ambiance.

Rope barriers added a touch of elegance and served a practical purpose at the entrance.

Beyond the Marquee Hire: A Complete Event Experience

We understand that a successful party is about more than just the venue.  The Kenton Events team provided everything needed to make this Northwood 40th birthday a night to remember!

Thinking of hosting your own extraordinary event in Northwood?  Kenton Events' marquee hire service can help!  Contact us today and let's discuss how we can transform your vision into a reality.  From level marquees on uneven terrain to custom lighting, furniture, and safety features, we have everything you need to create a truly remarkable celebration!